Building International Champions Through Private Equity

Track 2

November 7, 2023   |   11:05 AM - 11:45 AM

Investing in companies in the US or Asia is often more complicated in practice than on paper. Yet one of the main jobs of the PE investor is to help clients successfully expand their international interests. This panel will look at the power of Private Equity to transform promising companies into international champions.


  • Emmanuel Logan-Moll

    Managing Director, All Seas Capital

  • Fanny Letier

    Co-Founder, GENEO CAPITAL ENTREPRENEUR. A former student of ENA, Fanny has followed a public/private career path. She first worked for 10 years at the French Treasury in financial regulation functions before being appointed Secretary General of CIRI from 2009 to 2012 (240 companies restructured in 3 years). She then managed for 5 years the direct investment teams of SMEs and SMIs of Bpifrance (1.5 billion euros). Convinced that human capital is the key to strong and sustainable growth, she also created and manages Bpifrance's consulting activity and "Accelerators" programs. In 2019, she and François Rivolier created GENEO Capital Entrepreneur, an investment and support company backed by 220 entrepreneurs and families and several institutional investors, which supports SMEs and SMIs in their long-term development projects. With €600m under management and already 25 companies supported, GENEO is deploying its raison d'être: "to make positive finance available to the real economy". Fanny is also a director of Biomérieux and Aéroport de Paris