LPs: Co-invest and Continuation Funds (Institutionals and Direct Investment)

Track 1

November 7, 2023   |   3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Adopting an effective relationship with LPs sometimes – or often – requires offering them co-investment opportunities. As continuation funds grow in popularity, this strategy is becoming more and more valuable. But is it the right one for all LPs? What steps should be taken in advance? How to choose the right target? Can we use a continuation fund as a sort of “asset tender” to pave the way for the next fundraising vehicle. Our experts respond to these and many other questions.


  • Ngowari Adikibi

    Partner, Stephenson Hardwood

  • Fay Margo

    Chief Executive, Brackendale Consulting

  • Joaquin Alexandre Ruiz Tarré

    Head of Secondaries, European Investment Fund

  • Gilles Collombin

    Partner and Head of Investor Relations, Charterhouse Capital Partners. Gilles Collombin is a Partner at Charterhouse Capital Partners. He is responsible for Charterhouse’s fundraising and investor relations activities and is a member of the firm’s Investment Committee. Gilles has 24 years of experience in investment banking, including 19 years at HSBC as head of M&A for France and latterly as the Global Head of the Financial Sponsors Group, covering private equity funds, sovereign wealth funds and family offices. Whilst at HSBC, Gilles advised Charterhouse on numerous transactions. Gilles holds degrees in business management and mathematics, as well as a Masters in finance and a postgraduate diploma in strategic management from the University of Lyon. He started his career teaching strategic management at University of Ottawa and is fluent in English and French.

  • Gilles Morel

    Managing Director, Jasmin Capital