Private Equity Exchange & Awards 2021


Charles-Henri Carboni


Business Administrator Partner


Partner of the BCM law firm, which employs around forty people at 6 national sites and which offers economic agents and their advisors the means to handle the cases entrusted to them both in an amicable and judicial context. Joined the law firm SEGARD in 1992, then partner since 2005 of the law firm Segard, Carboni before merging with the law firm BAULAND & MARTINEZ to form a new entity BAULAND CARBONI MARTINEZ & ASSOCIES in June 2014, which has since become SELARL BCM with 4 Associate Judicial Administrators; Specialist in situations of economic, financial or governance crisis, intervening on behalf of companies or structures of all sizes in a preventive framework - Ad' Hoc mandate, Conciliation and / or curative - Safeguard, Judicial recovery, in any sector of civil or commercial activity.

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