Private Equity Exchange & Awards 2021


MPEP is a specialised Private Equity fund investor focusing on best-in-class Mid-Cap Buyout Funds in Europe and North America. Within that segment, MPEP provides access to established 'blue chip' fund managers whose historic track records have consistently outperformed industry benchmarks and whose fund offerings are most often significantly oversubscribed and thus exceptionally hard-to-access for new investors. MPEP believes that a thoughtfully diversified portfolio of private equity funds is an attractive method of obtaining access to a broad range of underlying private companies. Private equity has demonstrated its ability to outperform other asset classes over the long term in the past, and MPEP believes that private equity will continue to do so in the future. An investment in a MPEP investment program provides an excellent risk/reward proposition where investors can benefit from MPEP’s experience, market knowledge and its established relationships to gain access to the best and most sought-after private equity funds in the North American and European mid-cap buyout markets.