Private Equity Exchange & Awards 2021


Renaud Sueur



Renaud Sueur is the Chairman of ARCOLE INDUSTRIES. He intervenes on an operational level in subsidiaries of ARCOLE INDUSTRIES to implement or supervise reorganisation / development projects. As such, he became CEO of GIRARD-AGEDISS (transport), BENALU (industrial vehicles) and NEW MAISONNEUVE KEG (stainless steel kegs). He also participates in the development of ARCOLE INDUSTRIES by carrying out investment and disposal processes. He thus led the takeover of SLS GROUP (build-up for the GIRARD-AGEDISS), the acquisition of BENALU, the acquisition of MEGA (build-up for BENALU), the takeover of MAISONNEUVE CITERNE (build-up for BENALU) or the disposals of LAMBERET and GIRARD-AGEDISS.

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