Simon Kucher

As world-leading growth consultancy, Simon-Kucher advises PE & VC along the deal cycle and across industries – with a clear-cut focus on growth-driven deals.

We offer strategic Commercial Due Diligence (CDD) which includes the blueprint for the commercial value creation program.
We do a thorough evaluation of target company’s current value based on its current resources and also have a range of tools to unlock better growth:
- Commercial power boost (e.g., sales and pricing)
- Revenue and business model optimisation (e.g., strategy, portfolio, go-to-market)
- Digital revenue acceleration (e.g. online marketing, e-commerce)
- M&A strength (e.g., M&A strategy, topline-driven PMI).

We also propose pricing & topline due diligence to better understand the monetization potential of a business before you buy it. It helps you assess the potential upside, or identify risks, in an acquisition target (commissioned to complement or extend Commercial Due Diligence work).

We collaborate closely with our industry practices to deliver segment-specific analyses, ensuring our clients deliver their investment cases at pace.