Jasmin Capital

Business Details

Since 2011, Jasmin Capital assists General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) within the private equity, infrastructure, and private debt asset classes.

Jasmin Capital has offices in Paris and Brussels. The firm is regulated in Canada, and intervenes in the US, Japan, and South Korea under chaperoning agreements.

Placement Agent

Jasmin Capital advises and assists management companies throughout their fundraising process in private equity, infrastructure and private debt, for funds from €100m to several billion euros.
We develop trusted and reliable relationships with our clients.

Secondary transaction Advisory

Jasmin Capital acts as a sell-side advisor on non-listed assets portfolios including funds’ interests or direct assets in private equity, infrastructure or private debt.
Since inception, Jasmin Capital has tailored liquidity solutions for LPs and GPs (through continuation funds among other liquidity solutions) on portfolios of assets ranging from a few millions to several hundred millions euros in valuation.

Co-investment Syndication

Jasmin Capital assists management companies in their search for co-investors to acquire non-listed assets.
These direct investments are usually carried out through dedicated co-investment vehicles that operate with management fees and carried interest.

Marketing and corporate image study

Jasmin Capital carries out corporate image studies of management companies in pre-marketing for their next fundraising, to define a marketing action plan.

Merger of management companies

Jasmin Capital assists non-listed asset management companies’ shareholders in their acquisition or sale project, or in the implementation of a joint venture.

Advisory services for family offices and institutional investors

Jasmin Capital assists single or multifamily offices and institutional investors in their strategic non-listed assets allocation.
We carry out liability analyses of LPs to define their target allocations for private markets, according to a matrix approach by asset type and geography/currency.