Since 2013, Bpifrance has become the one stop shop for entrepreneurs with a vastly comprehensive toolbox offered in the field to customers through 50 local branches. Our mission is simple: we believe in serving the future, by being entrepreneur-centric and heavily decentralized.

Bpifrance’s goal is to favour the growth of the French economy by helping entrepreneurs thrive. We are the trusted partner of entrepreneurs and champion the interests of those who are visionaries; those who dare to take risks in order to take their businesses further. We have many resources at our disposal to help entrepreneurs, the champions of the 21st century, succeed. We mainly support micro-businesses, SMEs and mid-caps but we also accompany large caps that are considered important to the interests of France in terms of national economy, the territories or employment. We offer a continuum of solutions adapted to every key step in a business’ growth such as: business creation, financing, guarantees or equity investment.

We are also the French agency for innovation, delivering massive programs to innovative entrepreneurs. To put it simply: Bpifrance is a financial institution, with private culture, serving the collective interest. Our values are determination / optimism / proximity / simplicity and also performance: we generate significant returns to our shareholders.